Herefordshire Council considers proposals

A new shared fire and police station is under consideration from Herefordshire Council as part of redevelopment plans in the county.

West Mercia Police and Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service  are currently working with the local council on a site suitability assessment, before kicking off construction on the new site.

Hereford’s present fire station is deemed as being unfit for service in the 21st century. Refurbishment of the facility, at an estimated cost of £5.5 million including the setting up of a temporary fire station while the work is done, was seen as not viable. 

A potential new fire station at a former working boys home – currently council offices – is no longer an option for a new station, after resistance from campaigners. 

Assistant Chief Fire Officer John Hodges said: “We have found working in close collaboration with our colleagues at the police on this exciting project to be very fruitful. 

“We already have a very successful joint police and fire station in Bromsgrove and officers from both organisations have found real benefits in working alongside each other.

“It gives us greater joint training opportunities and helps us improve the management of incidents and ultimately the ability to deliver a better service to the public that we serve. It also is an excellent use of scarce resources in the current climate of reduced budgets.

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