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PAS 8673, Built environment – Framework for competence of individual Building Safety Managers and Nominated Individual Building Safety Managers – Specification

BSI would like to inform you and your organization of the development of PAS 8673 on competence of Building Safety Managers.

A PAS is a sponsored, fast-track informal standard that is developed through a consensus-building process facilitated by BSI Standards Limited. A PAS should not be regarded as a BS, EN or ISO standard.

The development of PAS 8673 has been sponsored by MHCLG.

We would also like to invite you to submit comments during a ~4-week public consultation via BSI’s online draft review system ( in early July 2021. This involvement does not involve attendance of meetings.

Further information on the development of PAS 8673, including the PAS process, schedule, PAS scope and how to get involved is provided in the attachment.