01 February 2021

The FIA is deeply saddened to record the passing of Peter Bollons.

Peter is known with affection and respect by many in the industry. Some of the long serving Fire Extinguisher Service Technicians will, we’re sure, remember him as the Chubb Training Manager for their portables business while many more in the UK Fire Industry will remember Peter for his pivotal role in BAFE. From the early days of that organisation, he was instrumental in setting up a range of Third Party Certification schemes to promote quality and competence in our industry under the BAFE banner.

Peter believed passionately in the need to raise standards within the sector, primarily in the portable fire extinguisher market. He persuaded and encouraged companies of all sizes to adopt Third Party Certification in their respective organisations and, in doing, so made a substantive and lasting contribution to the increasing professionalisation of the industry.

Peter with his vast depth of know-how and experience was also the font of all knowledge in respect of portable fire extinguishers and in the relevant British Standards that pertained to the portables industry and was always on hand to offer advice and guidance, particularly to small and medium size companies as they worked to obtain their ISO 9001 registrations.

Most of all, Peter will be remembered as a true gentleman and a dear friend to all of us in the UK fire industry and our condolences go to the family and friends he leaves behind.