Accidental fire in Walsall

06 August 2019

Information has been released that no sprinklers were fitted at a Holiday Inn, which was engulfed by flames on 2 August, despite expert recommendations.

The 'accidentally started' fire consumed most of the building, but, had owners at the Walsall Holiday Inn listened to the fire service, it could have been prevented from spreading so extensively. 

Gary Taylor, Assistant Chief Fire Officer, said, “The premises were not fitted with fire sprinklers but, previously, our fire safety officers had recommended they be retro-fitted in line with our Fire Authority’s position."

According to recent information, the fire service recommended the hotel fitted sprinklers to the building after an inspection. 

“Our fire investigators believe that the fire started accidentally, in the sauna room," he continued. 

"We will also be looking in detail into factors that might have contributed to the spread and scale of the fire."

Gary concluded, “This incident is a stark reminder to us all about the devastating impact a fire can have.

"It underlines the importance of businesses having up-to-date fire safety procedures, and of their staff, guests and visitors familiarising themselves with escape routes as an absolute priority.”

Original Source
Birmingham Live