No sufficient risk assessment

25 July 2019

A nightclub has been fined nearly £22,000 after a candle at the establishment set a woman's hair alight, causing burns to her face and neck. 

Moko Lounge in North Yorkshire was accused of fire safety failings after the incident in 2018, and a fire safety inspector was sent to the premises to follow up on the allegations.

A spokesperson from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said, "The victim’s hair had been ignited by a lit candle placed on a table in the nightclub. The victim was on fire for 12 seconds and suffered burns to her face, neck and hair.

“Investigations found that the use of candles had not been risk assessed and that no defined control measures to protect persons from a naked flame were in place.”

Fines, inclusive of court costs, were charged at £21,900.

Dave Winspear, of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We brought this prosecution against Moko Lounge Ltd because we were of the view that this unfortunate incident was both foreseeable and avoidable. Despite there being a risk assessment in place it had not referenced the presence of candles being used in the nightclub and therefore no control measures to protect the public and staff were put in place.”

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York Press