Newham Council has taken action against a developer over fire safety concerns in a block within the Olympic Village complex. Find out the details and the steps being taken to address the issues.

Newham Council has recently served an improvement notice to the developer of a block within the Olympic Village complex, highlighting fire safety defects that need urgent attention. The notice, issued earlier this month, delineates necessary enhancements to ensure Titian Heights in the East Village meets contemporary safety standards.

Under the Housing Act 2004, an improvement notice represents a formal directive from a local authority mandating specific works within a defined timeframe. Failure to comply could result in criminal charges against the party served with the notice.

East Village Management Limited (EVML), the developer in question, promptly notified residents of the notice from the council. The communication, as revealed by Inside Housing, outlined required improvements, including the replacement of aluminium composite material (ACM) on external balconies and soffits, as well as remediation to fire doors and internal fire-stopping.

Additionally, inspections of smoke control and firefighting systems are mandated, along with the updating of signage. EVML reassured residents of its commitment to addressing these requirements, affirming the safety of both the building and individual residences.

Notably, EVML stated completion targets for certain tasks, such as replacing the fire alarm panel and certifying the smoke control system and firefighting lift by April 2024. Pending these works, a waking watch patrol has been deployed for added safety.

Regarding substantive works on internal fire doors and external structures, EVML indicated advanced planning stages, with operations slated to commence by October 2024 and conclude within the following year.

The block in question, Titian Heights, appears distinct from those implicated in a recent tribunal ruling. Despite this, EVML has been cooperating with Newham Council and the London Fire Brigade to ensure compliance and safety across the East Village complex.

An EVML spokesperson confirmed the issuance of the improvement notice and outlined ongoing collaborative efforts with authorities to address safety concerns. Newham Council echoed this sentiment, emphasising their expectation for prompt engagement with residents and swift remediation actions.

This development follows Newham Council's previous utilisation of the Housing Act 2004 to prosecute building owners for fire safety lapses. Notably, in 2023, the council successfully pursued legal action against the owner of the Lumiere Building, setting a precedent for accountability in fire safety matters.

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