FIA members are being asked whether all combustible plastic material within a fire enclosure must have a V-2 or better flammability rating, this guidance document explains the reasons behind the request and the implications for installers/maintainers.

23 August 2023

It is crucial that fire professionals and fire businesses must stay abreast of the latest developments in fire safety. The Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) is an essential piece of legislation that brings into focus the need for fire retardant batteries, and this Guidance Note seeks to provide clear guidance on the topic.


The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) outlines essential safety requirements for electrical equipment operating with a specific voltage range. Recent emphasis on the flammability rating of V-2 or better within fire enclosures prompts this guidance document.

The LVD applies to various elements such as power supplies, control equipment, and components, including batteries. Its purpose is to ensure that only safe products reach the market, complying with the principal elements of safety objectives.

Implications for Installers/Maintainers

Installation and maintenance technicians must adhere to the flammability requirements and confirm suitable flammability ratings with their suppliers. The use of flame-retardant batteries, such as UL 94 V2 or higher, is becoming increasingly essential, even when not explicitly required.


The shift towards stringent standards, including EN IEC 62368-1, reflects the industry's commitment to enhanced safety. The guidance provided here offers fire professionals and businesses the necessary insights to navigate the requirements for fire retardant batteries under the Low Voltage Directive effectively.