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03 March 2022

The digital fire logbook recently took centre stage in an industry webinar and panel discussion, when figures from the fire and property industries come together to discuss its increasing importance amid rapidly evolving fire legislation, regulations and best practice.

Hosted by Fire Safety Matters the online panel discussion, includes experts from: LTL Systems a life safety systems install and maintenance company; Scott Castle, a property management company; and digital fire records software specialist, Tio Fire Safety. Ready to watch now, they discuss the benefits of the modern digital alternative to the paper logbook, Tio’s own true digital fire logbook, which can have transformative benefits for fire safety, facilities and compliance professionals. The webinar can be watched at any time HERE

“Logbooks play a central role in compliance and safety management and there has never been a better time to discuss their evolving role,” said Jason Hill, sales manager for Tio Fire Safety. “Our aim was to bring together views from across the industry, not just demo a product. Whether you’re thinking of new software or are frustrated by the lack of visibility and trust your paper records deliver, I’m sure it will be a useful and informative discussion and Q&A.”

Cloud-based and permitted under BS5839-1, Tio’s true digital fire logbook is priced and designed to replace a range of paper logbooks and is pre-configured to bring together a huge number of fire, safety and security topics in one place. It is quick to set up and as easy to use as paper, solves a multitude of issues and radically improves safety, relationships and compliance for all parties, including the building occupier, service provider, risk assessor, installer, commissioning engineers and emergency services.

Full of unique features, Tio’s logbook includes a compliance task manager that automatically schedules and tracks tasks for service providers, building occupiers and risk assessors; a customisable guidance module that helps staff complete jobs, linked asset registers and maintenance, variances, false alarm and activation tracker, custom tasks creator; fire visitor logbook; and digital documents storage. Instead of a paper document in a cabinet at the building entrance, a QR code is displayed, giving either open access to the cloud-based records or, where security is a concern, access to all permitted individuals and organisations.

Tio is a fast-growing fire and safety software provider, created and staffed by UK fire and safety industry experts from estates managers and OEMs to service and maintenance engineers, ensuring its products are fast, efficient and solve customer problems while improving building safety. To find out more about Tio’s true digital fire logbook, visit www.tiofiresafety.com.