‘Unusually high’ number of snagging issues

04 December 2018

Workmen have been carrying out repairs at a new school in Scotland, including key fire safety maintenance.

Since the £24 million project in Dalbeattie opened in October 2017, intumescent strips have been found to be either loose or missing, as well as incomplete fire stopping around heating pipes and above ceilings.

Many of the other issues are minor snagging, but the sheer amount of them took local councillors aback.

Abbey ward member Ian Blake said: “The vast majority are minor and you would expect snagging issues with any new-build.

“However, the number of them is concerning, particularly the number that involve fire safety.”

Council deputy leader Rob Davidson said, “It is absolutely critical that everyone is reassured the building is in good order, fit for purpose, safe for children, young people, parents and staff and the wider community.

“My understanding is the fire stopping was identified when checks were done in Dalbeattie in the wake of concerns that had been identified. These weren’t big defects, but they were dealt with when they were identified.

“I’d much prefer buildings were delivered to us in a state where there aren’t any defects. I’m prepared to accept a sticky tap or some minor issues, but I’d like as few of those as possible and I’d much prefer buildings are handed over when there are no substantial defects at all.

“Failing that, it’s critical we are able to inspect, pick them up and deal with them quickly.”

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