Fire figures rise

22 August 2019

According to the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), the 'massive cuts' from the government have led to a significant increase in fires across England. 

The statement from the FBU comes after figures from the Home Office showed that Humberside Fire and Rescue Service were called out to 4471 fires in 2018, a 9% increase from the previous 12 months. 

There were similarities in other areas across the country. 

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, said, "We are deeply concerned that, after massive cuts to fire safety officers and years of fire safety deregulation, there has been a significant increase in fires in England.

“We have warned of the impact of climate change on fire for the last decade, but the Government has failed to listen.”

The FBU called the government 'utterly complacent about fire safety', which they believe has been going on for many years, with more fires and fewer resources to tackle them. 

Kate Lee, shadow minister for fire services, said. "Previously, the government have attempted to justify cuts to the numbers of firefighters and fire stations on the grounds that callouts and fires were declining, but numbers have been rising for years.”

"The latest figures prove that the government's policy is based on a complete falsehood," she said. 

Original Source
Pocklington Post