We invite expressions of interest from FIA members to supply and install critical training equipment for our new practical training area at FIA Northwich.

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) is excited to announce a significant advancement in fire safety training with the establishment of a new practical training area at our FIA Northwich facility. This development is designed to enhance the practical skills crucial for effective fire safety management, offering our members a valuable opportunity to contribute to this innovative project.

Expanding our training offering

In response to evolving industry needs, FIA has significantly expanded its educational offerings. After developing robust online training programs and broadening our training operations, we see the perfect timing to integrate practical, hands-on training into our industry-leading curriculum. The new practical training area at FIA Northwich is a strategic enhancement aimed at complementing our digital courses with real-world applications, ensuring a comprehensive training experience for all fire safety professionals.

FIA Northwich is more than just a training facility; it is a transformative space designed to cultivate the next generation of fire safety professionals. As part of this initiative, we are seeking expressions of interest from FIA members to supply and install essential equipment that will form the core of our hands-on training environment.

Specific equipment needs

  • Dry riser equipment: Vital for training on real-world firefighting scenarios.
  • Hose reels: Crucial for practicing firefighting techniques in a controlled setting.
  • Fire detection and alarm systems: Key to understanding modern fire safety technologies.

By contributing to the development of FIA Northwich’s practical training area, members will not only showcase their products but also directly contribute to the enhancement of industry training standards. This collaboration underlines our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the evolving needs of fire safety education.

Future developments

This expansion at FIA Northwich is just the beginning of our ambitious plans to keep improving FIA training as part of our ambitious growth plans. These developments will ensure that FIA continues making our training more accessible and effective than ever.

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