Safety warning

26 July 2019

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) has sent a call for the new government to work closely with them to make urgent changes to building regulations and improve building safety. 

LFB are calling for ministers to install sprinklers and other automatic fire suppression systems (AFSS) in buildings where risk is great and to give urgent consideration to where vulnerable residents are housed and to ensure proper evacuation plans are in place. 

Dan Cotton, London Fire Brigade commissioner, warns that there is a 'very real risk' of another incident like Grenfell with a large loss of life if building safety doesn't drastically improve. 

He said, “Now, more than two years after the Grenfell Tower fire, thousands of people are still living in buildings fitted with flammable cladding.

"Excuses and a lack of urgency demonstrated by those responsible for these buildings are placing people across the country at risk."

“I’m keen to work with Ministers to finally end this lack of action by developers and people responsible for maintaining buildings,” he said.

The fire safety of buildings is the most fundamental element in ensuring the safety of residents and those responsible for residential buildings need to meet their responsibilities and not assume that fire and rescue services will provide a safety net for the shortfalls in building safety, according to LFB. 

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