Warning comes after station closure plans

Local Councillors in Grimsby have written to fire chiefs warning against proposed cuts to the fire service.

In Immingham, Humberside Fire Authority is exploring options including shutting one station and removing a fire engine to meet budget cut targets.

However, the proposals have come under severe attack, with several Councillors raising concerns about the potential risk to the public, reports The Grimsby Telegraph.

Councillor Mike Burton, said: “It is very sad. Cuts are affecting the fire service, the police service and our Armed Forces. There is nothing more I can do but put my hand up at the right time in the vote."

Councillors were informed that the fire service had a reduction of 16,000 calls a year down to 9,000 calls due to the increase in safety measures. 40 per cent of these were due to false alarms.

Councillor Brian Duke said: “I do not think it is a good idea to close either of the stations. Both need to be kept open because of the response times required."

Councillor Willie Weir added: “This council should write to the authority over its disgust about this.

“Immingham is one of the busiest ports in the UK and it is getting busier with the increase in biomass cargo and with Able UK developing the energy park at Killingholme. This is a growing area and they are cutting back.

“We used to have six appliances and that was cut to four and now they want to reduce it to two. It is a disgrace."

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