Life-saving new technology

07 December 2015

South Somerset District Council has teamed up with a local landlord to fit a sprinkler system in a newly built house of multiple occupation.

The local council is promoting sprinkler systems as a means of preventing serious fires by working with landlords to help install the new technology, as well as provide grant aid and loans to promote fire safety.

Given the effectiveness of sprinklers, Housing Standard Officers can now allow relaxations on the need for fire doors, fire alarms and other expensive fire safety equipment

Councillor Ric Pallister, Portfolio Holder for Housing, said: "Modern technology has now caught up with common sense and the fitting of today's sprinkler systems makes financial and safety sense for landlord and tenant alike.

"Whilst not mandatory, using effective methods to preserve life and reduce fire damage in homes is now a 'must have' for all bedsit accommodation.

"Using these modern sprinkler systems is not only effective, but also helps landlords reduce the need for expensive fire safety equipment and promotes a safe way of living.”

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Blackmore Vale Magazine