Review to assess resources in the event of emergency

31 August 2016

Cuts to London Fire Brigade made by former London Mayor Boris Johnson will now be reviewed by his replacement Sadiq Khan.

The report will analyse whether the brigade is equipped to deal with major emergencies.

Ten fire stations have been shut and over 500 firefighter jobs removed as part of cuts to the service since 2009, reports the BBC.

"I want to be reassured that our fire brigade has the resources they need to respond," Mr Khan said.

Conservative Greater London Assembly (GLA) group leader Gareth Bacon said: "Knowing the fire brigade as I do, I'm confident the review will not reveal anything amiss and will show that London's fire brigade is in robust health.”

Funding of LFB has been reduced by more than £150m since 2009, with a further £22m due to be cut over the next three years, according to City Hall.

Figures released by the service in May showed the number of deaths caused by fires in the capital had reduced by 20% in five years.

However, City Hall said the length of time fire crews took to attend an emergency had risen in more than half of London boroughs.

The report will be published by Mr Mayer, a former CEO of Greater London Authority, in the autumn.

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