Fire doors not installed

15 September 2016

A landlord from High Wycombe has been fined over £18,000 after trying to trick inspectors that she had complied with safety rules.

Owner Mrs Nahida Rehman and her accomplice Yasser Khan, conspired to fake a builder’s invoice to show that repair works on the 5-bedroom property under her ownership had been brought up to safety standards.

Earlier this year the council’s private housing team visited the property, and told Mrs Rehman that improvements were needed to meet fire and other health and safety requirements.

Among the changes needed to be made were fireproofing the building and installing a fire door.

Despite the landlord later telling the council the work had been done, a follow up check found that the work was only partially completed and did not comply with regulations.

In a bid to convince investigators she had asked for the work to be done, Rehman delivered a builder’s invoice with Khan’s name and signature to the council office.

However, suspicions were raised and after further inspections, council workers discovered that the building company named as responsible knew nothing about the project.

Mr Khan was also handed a fine of £10,000.

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Bucks Free Press