Council determined to protect tenants

09 November 2018

A landlord from St Helens, Merseyside, who put her tenants at risk by failing to carry out required improvements on her buy to let property, has been ordered to pay £21,000 after a successful prosecution this week.

Warrington Council identified a number of fire safety risks that she failed to address at a dwelling occupied by a family, including dangerous electrics and damp. The landlord also failed to comply with a smoke alarm notice, and was issued with a fixed penalty fine of £1000.

A council spokesperson told the St Helens Star that the council team is working closely with landlords to resolve issues that are reported to them, but that those landlords who do not co-operate could face severe consequences, including heavy fines.

Under new legislation, councils can now impose fixed penalty fines of up to £30,000.

Councillor Maureen McLaughlin, Warrington Council’s executive board member for public health, said: “We are sending out a clear message to bad landlords that failing to ensure your properties are safe and healthy for your tenants will not be tolerated.

“We want to protect all of Warrington’s tenants from poor housing conditions, and we are working closely with landlords to achieve this.

"While the vast majority of them want to work with us, we will continue to use all the powers available to us to take action against those who fail to co-operate.”

Original source
St Helens Star