Residents who live close to Grenfell Tower have received a letter from Michael Gove, MP, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities.

12 July 2023

This comes after their conversations with him and Baroness Scott in May. Families of the deceased and survivors, with whom he had conversations in March, also received a letter. 

By addressing issues that are significant to the Grenfell residents, Gove declared that the government is "determined to learn the lessons of the past." 

In the message, he stressed that the Grenfell Tower Inquiry report, which is currently being finalised, is anticipated to be delivered to the Prime Minister in early 2024. 

Gove addressed the worries of locals regarding the criminal investigation into Grenfell, which he has stated is still ongoing. Gove added that he will not make a decision "without having further conversations with [the residents] to understand [their] views" in response to questions about the tower's future. 

The document continued by noting the independent Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission's ongoing efforts to create a "community-led" vision for a memorial. 

View the LETTER here.

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