July 1977

25 July 2016

In July 1977, our Fire Detection and Alarms (FDA) committee thought we needed a BFPSA Code of Ethics.

Council chose to regard this as part of the ongoing approvals scheme discussion and therefore noted that before we could have a Code, we would need to include Fire Extinguishing Systems, the other half of BFPSA, in the approvals scheme.

FETA had code of conduct and both developed into a Leadership statement, which was combined and adopted by the FIA.

We had been in discussions with the Fire Offices Committee of the Home Office for several years, trying to establish a plan for a recognised approvals scheme for manufacturers of fire detection and alarms systems, and BFPSA was in the throes of designing one.

In 1981/2 we were doing serious work towards having a National Approvals Authority, and writing to all our members explaining the scheme, promising an open meeting for questions, and saying that we would require later a written commitment from the member company, to ensure everyone agreed.

Then there was a change of terminology from ‘Approvals’ to ‘Certification’ for a national scheme, which now had clear government support in a White Paper.

In February ’84, the British Approval of Fire Equipment (BAFE) name, and triangle logo, were suggested for the Approvals authority.

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