BAFE exams

The British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) exam is nationally recognised and fully endorsed by the BSI as satisfying the training clause of ISO 9002.

The exam is based on the published syllabus and includes both a written and practical test. These are invigilated by the FIA’s assessors, who are completely independent and not employed by commercial companies.


  1. Theory of Fire
    In order to understand how fires behave and how they can be extinguished using the relevant physical and chemical processes.
    Reference: Fire Safety: An Employers Guide (ISBN 0-11-341229-0)
  2. Portable Fire Extinguishers
    Construction, operating principles, servicing, classes of fire to be used on:
    Water type (gas cartridge)
    Water type (stored pressure)
    Water Spray (with or without additives)
    Mechanical Foam (stored pressure)
    Extinguishing Powder (gas cartridge)
    Extinguising Powder (stored pressure)
    Carbon Dioxide
    References: FETA Guide to the Servicing of Portable Fire Extinguishers; Fire Safety: An Employers Guide (ISBN 0-11-341229-0); BS 5306 Part 3; BS EN3; Manufacturers’ literature and servicing instructions
  3. Siting of Extinguishers
    In relation to fire test ratings
    Reference: BS 5306 Part 3
  4. Extinguishing Media
    Powder: (Various types, BC, ABC, Monnex, other)
    Foam: (Protein, Fluoroprotein, AFFF)
    Wet Chemical
    Fire Safety: An Employers Guide; Manufacturers’ literature; BS EN3; BS 6535 Parts 1 and 2
  5. Health and Safety at work
    Duties and responsibilities of employer and employee.
    References: The Health and Safety at Work Act (relevant sections of 2,3,4,6 and 7); Company health policy

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