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18 June 2024


Hispec are delighted to add a commercial system to our Fire & CO detection offering. Our position in the domestic fire safety sector has been solidified, thanks to our relentless pursuit to provide cost-effective and energy efficient safety solutions that protect people in their homes. Now, our consideration for fire safety shifts to include properties beyond the doorstep of the domestic dwelling.

Understanding the requirements for a commercial fire detection system was the main priority and we quickly learned that trust is the cornerstone. From office buildings to hospitality venues, establishments want fire alarm systems that not only meet strict standards but exceed them with unwavering and unquestionable dependability. The 2CAS Commercial Fire Alarm System is not just another solution, it is a proven and trusted ally in the fight against fire.

2CAS has been designed meticulously with reliable components, tailored to the diverse needs of modern commercial settings. The product line consists of a versatile 2, 4, or 8 zone panel alongside ancillary devices like repeater panels, optical smoke detectors, rate-of-rise and fixed temperature heat detectors, addressable input/output modules, sounders, beacons, and manual call points, offering a comprehensive solution that ensures seamless integration of fire detection, notification, and response, all optimised for maximum effectiveness.

The technology behind 2CAS has proven its reliability across a range of commercial establishments; currently deployed in thousands of settings worldwide.



2CAS is a perfect solution for Houses In Multiple Occupancy and small and medium sized commercial settings. The 2CAS panel is a single loop 2-wire conventional alarm panel, with the ability to soft address devices. Detectors, call points, interfaces and sounders can all be connected to the same addressable loop.

While the 2CAS panel is a single loop, it has the option to allow the system to be wired as 2, 4 or 8 radial circuits. This feature allows the panel to be used to replace an existing conventional panel, replacing the devices, but keeping the existing wiring. This feature can also be used for new installations, where the building layout makes radial wiring more convenient than wiring as a loop.

The technology behind our new range has stood the test of time, safeguarding lives and livelihoods across the world. When you choose 2CAS, you're not just investing in a product you're investing in peace of mind.

Your Safety, Protected by 2CAS.

Join Hispec for an engaging day at FIA Northwich on 12th July 2024 at 10am-2pm for a product launch and demonstration of their new 2CAS commercial fire alarm system. This event will feature an FIA CPD certified session "Introduction to Life Safety Systems Connected Fire Detection” Sign up here.

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