09 January 2021

Owing to the potential risk of contracting COVID-19, the testing of procedures through full building evacuations is, in the case of many buildings, considered to present an unacceptable risk of person-to-person infection.  Furthermore, the manner in which buildings are used and occupied is likely to have changed, and might have an impact on the pre-COVID-19 fire procedures.

FIA just published Guidance on Fire Procedures During the COVID-19 Pandemic. The guidance in this document is intended to clarify the requirements for ensuring that adequate fire evacuation procedures are in place in reoccupied and partially reoccupied premises. It offers answers to some common questions that have arisen due to COVID-19, and it also provides some suggestions as to how these requirements might be achieved. In addition, this guidance also examines the associated fire safety arrangements that support the evacuation procedures and that will need to be maintained while COVID-19 pandemic controls are in place.