'Fire doors in all multi-occupancy, residential properties should be urgently inspected'

31 October 2019

As the first phase of the inquiry into the Grenfell Town tragedy draws to a close, the industry and fire safety experts take stock of the recommendations made by Sir Martin Moore-Bick, the inquiry's chair.

Phase 1 has been concerned with investigating the cause of the fire, its subsequent development and the steps taken by the London Fire Brigade and the other emergency services in response to it.

The key recommendations are:

  • Fire doors in all multi-occupancy, residential properties should be urgently inspected.

  • Owners and managers of high-rise residential buildings to provide fire and rescue services with construction information, specifically the composition of external wall materials, as well as building plans.

  • Fire brigade inspections of tower blocks to be updated and crews to be trained to carry out more appropriate risk evaluations.

  • Regular inspection of the building lifts that would be used by firefighters.

  • Improved communications between fire service control rooms, how and where emergency calls are received, and incident commanders. A dedicated communication link should be a stautory requirement.

  • National guidelines for the evacuation of high-rise residential buildings.

Original source
Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 Report