Data will be used to judge the impact of the Grenfell Tower fire

13 September 2019

Residents of high rise buildings across Greater Manchester are being given the opportunity to voice opinions about their homes.

The survey, which is available on GM Consult, was launched to help the Greater Manchester High Rise Task Force gather evidence of the impact on people living in high rise buildings following the Grenfell tower fire and to inform future policy.

The research will also look into their understanding of fire safety and the safety measures in buildings.

Paul Dennett, Salford City mayor and task force chair, said: “This research will help us to better understand the issues and concerns residents of high rise buildings have. This may be how safe they feel, if and how they have been impacted by the fire at Grenfell and if they are facing increased costs because of work required to their building.

“Since the launch of the High Rise Task Force we have worked tirelessly to ensure every tower block across Greater Manchester has been inspected and necessary steps taken to ensure the immediate safety of residents in the case of fire and that all residents have received information about their blocks.

“We want to make sure that people are safe and feel safe in their homes.”

Early responses were used to inform the response to the Government’s Building a Safer Future proposal. The Task Force unanimously agreed that the current system of regulation is not fit for purpose, but said that more needs to be done to address the current problems for residents and ensure their safety in the future.

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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service