Lack of safety improvements

27 August 2019

Residents of a flat that set alight last week near Grenfell Tower in London have expressed their outrage at the lack of improvements since 2017.

Markland House in West London was approached by 70 firefighters last week after a fire broke out on the 12th floor and the blaze was under control after an hour and a half. 

Many residents have now explained that they heard no fire alarms when the fire broke out and were only alerted by the smell of smoke and neighbours informing them to exit the building.

There was also information that the fire brigades' hoses 'only just' reached the 12th floor to put the fire out.

Billy Hunt, a resident of the block, said he was knocking on doors telling people to leave as he did not hear any fire alarms. 

"They [Fire Alarms] should be going off all over the place, especially after Grenfell."

Another resident, Dawan said there were 'no sprinklers, no alarms, nothing.'

Scotland Yard said there were no reports of any injuries, while LFB and Kensington and Chelsea Council said the cause of the fire was under investigation.

Kim Taylor-Smith, deputy leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council, said, “Obviously, we will need to investigate the causes of the fire, but at the moment I am just thankful that everyone is safe.

“This community saw the Grenfell tragedy happen two years ago and I am fully aware of the impact that had on individuals.

“If the resulting investigation finds anything wrong with the safety of the building, we will take immediate action.”

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Belfast Telegraph