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13 June 2022

Time is a precious resource that we all want more of. And if you own a fire safety business or work for one, you undoubtedly know how hard it is to find time for everything you need to accomplish in a workday, let alone a week, a quarter, or a year.

Often, marketing your fire safety business is one of those things that easily falls to the wayside after being pushed back for more urgent matters.

But fear not! Here’s how to find time to market your business by setting small, realistic goals, focusing on your best marketing opportunities, staying organised and automating what you can when it comes to marketing and daily operations.

1. Observe and track

Before you dive into any new marketing for your business, spend at least 30 days simply observing and tracking where most of your new customers come from and how many of them come from each place.

You can start tracking this simply by asking customers how they heard about you and tracking the responses on a Word document or spreadsheet. Look for trends, and note any recurring ways customers come into contact with your business.

You’ll likely see one or two common ways that customers hear about your business.

2. Focus on your top channels

Facebook, Google, Yelp and even your website are all different marketing channels you may use to help market your business. Once you spot the most common channels that bring you new customers, focus on regularly creating high-quality, helpful content for just those channels as a starting point.

3. Measure and set small goals

Before you start creating anything, set a goal for how many new customers you want to bring into your business from the top channel(s) you plan to focus on first.

4. Create a calendar for fire safety content marketing

The more organised you can be about creating content to help market your business, the more efficient you can be overall with the time you have to dedicate to marketing.

Start with a small goal to create a new Facebook post or blog post at a frequency that fits whatever time you currently have available to dedicate to marketing.

5. Automate what you can

The best way to make time to market your fire safety business is to reduce the amount of time you spend doing tedious, manual tasks as part of your marketing.

Alongside this, job management software can help give you time back to focus on marketing and other business strategy tasks that you may otherwise struggle to dedicate time to.

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