A revised plan to convert a former Macclesfield office block into flats, which was initially rejected in June due to fire safety and parking concerns, has been reintroduced. Despite a local councillor's objections, changes have been made to address the issues raised.

Discover how fire safety measures, including a recommended sprinkler system, are now at the forefront of discussions in this development update.

 June, Cheshire East's northern planning committee rejected plans to convert the derelict Marburae House on Athey Street in Macclesfield into six flats. The committee expressed concerns about future residents' quality of life and the site's potential overdevelopment.

Undeterred, the applicants have submitted a revised proposal, reducing the number of flats to four. However, local councillor Liz Braithwaite (Labour) is concerned about overdevelopment and the persistent parking problems on Athey Street and surrounding areas.

Councillor Braithwaite emphasised the same number of potential residents, 14, in her detailed letter to the council's planners. She maintained that this is still excessive development for the site.

The issue of fire safety has also resurfaced, with the housing standards department of the council raising concerns about inner rooms in flats one and two. In the event of a fire, these inner rooms, which lack a secondary escape route, pose potential safety hazards.

In response to these concerns, the planning officer's report recommends installing an automatic fire suppression system and an alarm system throughout the development. Building control agrees with this recommendation and requires the installation of a sprinkler system.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service agrees on the need for a sprinkler system, but adds that inner rooms are not permitted for bedrooms. The service also suggests that the kitchen in flat two be relocated for increased safety.

The planning officer, however, remains optimistic about the revised proposal. Noting the application's compliance with space standards and sufficient light for future occupants, he recommends approval. The absence of off-street parking is justified, given the existing use of the site.

The application will be reconsidered by the northern planning committee on Wednesday, 6th December at 10am at Macclesfield Town Hall. As the development nears completion, fire safety measures, such as the proposed sprinkler system, will be central to the discussions.

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