16 May 2022

The FIA was contacted in mid-2021 regarding the suitability of fire alarm warnings in special schools. A topic which has not been fully addressed in the Code of Practice for fire detection and fire alarm systems, BS 5839-1.

With the increasing awareness of inclusion and diversity in the field of fire safety, the FIA felt it was important to convene a special interest group to develop a guidance document to cover situations where fire alarm warnings are intended for people with sensory sensitivities. The group consisted of people with a personal interest and experience in the matter, and experts in the fields of disability and fire safety, all coming together to formulate this important document, highlighting the need for more, and better conversation surrounding the needs of individuals with disabilities.

James Jones (Vimpex, and FIA Board member), and Sonny White, the 16-year old future FD&A expert who instigated the document, will be presenting this new guidance document at Firex on Wednesday 18th May, and you can download the guidance document here.