Current Committee Members will be contacted by their respective secretaries and the course will be featured on the FIA web site shortly

07 April 2022

This course provides sufficient detail on Competition Law to enable our FIA Board, Council Members and all other Committee Members to understand the requirements for fair trading in accordance with this law. As a trade association, the FIA provides opportunities for members and companies across the industry and beyond to meet professionally and socially and any such event has the potential to infringe Competition Law and lead to prosecution.

Following our exit from the EU, it has become necessary to revise the original course, notably to add a section entitled ‘Brexit Implications’. Changes to other sections of the course are minimal as EU Competition Law effectively still applies in the UK although there may be some divergence in the future. The new version of the course may be found here .

It forms part of the FIA’s compliance programme in respect of Competition Law and must be completed by all FIA Committee Members and we also encourage other members to undertake this short course.

If you are a current FIA Board, Council or other Committee Member and have not yet taken the Competition Law course, you should undertake this revised course as soon as possible and indicate in writing to your Committee Secretary that you have done so. The Secretaries will continue to take responsibility for ensuring that all of their Committee Members have taken the course and that this is formally recorded.

If you have taken the course since becoming an FIA Committee Member, you do not need to re-take the entire course but should please read Section 4, ‘Brexit Implications’ again at your earliest convenience.   

Thank you in advance for ensuring that you are conversant with Competition Law. In this way, those involved in the FIA can protect themselves, their company and the FIA from infringement of Competition Law and the threat of prosecution.