Put simply, there is no better time to tell your company’s story and there is no better place to promote your products and services than through the FIA.

01 May 2020

Life during and immediately after COVID-19 will change the way we live, especially our work patterns. Marketers have historically done everything in their power to get people to read their stories, watch their videos and absorb their advertisements. The enemy is the lack of time in the working day.In the last 2 months, there has been a paradigm shift in what is now labelled as the “new normal”, as an unprecedented amount of people have had the majority of their work and/or social lives move “virtually”. It is clear that we are all connected to the internet far more than at any point in our history.

One advantage of having millions of people around the world with more time in front of a computer (without the time wasted on travelling) in their working hours, is we now all have more time to read articles, listen to webinars, watch videos etc. What better time has there been to get someone’s attention with online advertising to help prepare your business for when we get back to normal (whatever that might be!)?…

Fire Industry Association (FIA) is the largest fire-related trade association in Europe with over 900 member companies and has been at the epicentre of the fire industry for many years. The FIA is only as strong as its members and from our inception, we have put a great emphasis on communicating and listening to our member's needs and wants; in doing so we have built a strong relationship with our membership – something we are incredibly proud of.

The way we communicate with our members and the fire industry has changed in line with the advancements of technology over the years using a variety of different channels ranging from regular newsletters, social media, a dedicated website and a series of sector-related events.

At the FIA we want to make sure our news channels are giving our members, the wider fire industry and the public, the latest information and we place our reader's needs and wants at the heart of everything we do. Our content is communicated to thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies every month and, put simply, there is no better time to tell your company’s story and there is no better place to promote your products and services than through the FIA.

These are new and engaged audiences to reach on social media where the FIA inspires new audiences by taking our stories to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter where we consistently reach above 1k re-shared stories per month.

Our social media presence enables us to reach a wide and diverse set of readers that spreads into other closely related sectors. What’s more, we average above 11k articles read every month alongside 30k visitors to our website. Our readers clearly look to at the FIA as their “go to” source for the latest updates relevant to the fire industry. Furthermore, the FIA leverages our long-standing relationship with the Government to keep our members and the wider fire industry informed with the latest news and guidance as and when it happens. This has given us a reputation in the fire industry as a reliable, honest and informative organisation who has its fingers on the pulse of the fire industry.  We carefully utilise our communication channels to deliver clear and concise messaging to our members and the fire industry; whilst providing outstanding value to advertisers of all sizes.

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