The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has published its fifth Market Conditions Review.
The report is a ‘snapshot’ taken every six month to review how the fire protection market is performing. It is based on a survey conducted by the FIA of both FIA member and non-member companies across the UK.

Wave 5 of the report has revealed that:
•    Fire sector reported an increase in orders compared with the preceding six months with the private sector clearly driving growth
•    60% companies that replied to the survey have seen an increase in the number of enquires
•    Tender invitations have increased over the last six months with 48% of companies indicating either ‘a lot more’ or ‘slightly more’ invitations; with a slight increase in tenders required Third Party Certification.

CEO of the FIA, Ian Moore comments that:
“The growth in the UK construction market appears to be sustainable and the data we have compiled clearly indicates that. Also various overseas markets are back leading to increases in export sales for our members. As to be expected with sustained growth, recruitment of skilled staff and further training of existing staff has also seen an increase. This is good news all round.”

The FIA’s Market Condition Review can be downloaded for free>>