The Fire Industry Association publishes the 2022 Annual Report. This report provides information and guidance on what the association has been working on and achieved over the last 12 months.

01 December 2022

Each year that passes at the Fire Industry Association is busier than the one before,due to the industry contiously growing as a result of the hard work of our members.2022  was no exception, we have responded with a realignment of the business appointing Adam Richardson as the General Manager as well as employing new staff in both the marketing and training departments. We would like to welcome Fiona Evans, our new Training Co-ordinator and Kirsty Lavell, as our new Marketing Executive.

In addition to this expansion of the Secretariat, we have started the process of creating a Northern hub for the FIA with the purchase of a property in Northwich in Cheshire that will act as an office as well as a training and event location in addition to having sufficient floor space to provide a ‘Centre of Excellence demonstration facility that will showcase our members’ products and systems.

Other major advances include the much-needed modernisation of our Articles and Memorandum of Association, we are delighted to annouce that these were passed unanimously at our AGM. The modernasation of these Articles will make members rights clearer and the articles fit for the modern day. The establishment of FIA Cyprus as an FIA-branded but largely autonomous operation that can be geocloned in other overseas territories

Here are some highlights from the FIA departments covered in our Annual Report;

  • Membership - last year 110 companies have come into membership and benefited from access to discounted rates for the services that our partner providers offer.
  • Training - 994 delegates started their journey towards the Fundamentals Qualification
  • Marketing - gained over 4000 new followers which is a 13% growth (currently we have over 35,000 LinkedIn followers)
  • Councils - Our industry-leading councils continue to provide much needed guidance to the industry
  • Events - FIM Expo and the FIA Conference took place in Cardiff which was a great success