31 March 2022

Update: “Due to operational implementation requirements involved with launching the digital logbooks service in time for FIREX, the deadline for the below ITT has been brought forwards to close of business on 01st April.  At the very least, an expression of interest should be submitted in order for your bid to be entertained after this date”

The FIA was recently asked by the industry to investigate the possibility of delivering digital Fire Logbooks.  For many years the FIA has supplied paper-based logbooks however the time to switch to a digital option has never been more pressing.

A direct result of the Grenfell Inquiry and Hackett Review is the proposed Building Safety Bill.  One of the key recommendations from the enquiry and review that has made its way into the bill is the ‘Golden Thread’ of vital information about a building over its lifetime.  This information should be recorded and stored digitally, hence the reason for the FIA stepping up to provide assistance in this area.

Currently, paper-based fire logbooks are often poorly maintained or go missing and have to be re-purchased.  This means that vital safety information about many building across the country is simply vanishing on a daily basis.  Clearly this far below the standard of today’s industry.

Due to the implications of creating and maintaining such a piece of software internally, the decision has been made to put the opportunity to partner with the FIA in this venture out to tender.

FIA Commercial Manager, Chris Tilley said:

“With the range of software solutions currently available and under development within our industry, this is a golden opportunity for the FIA to partner with companies directly from the fire industry for the good of the industry.  We have no intention to develop this level of software ourselves, rather our hope is that through partnership with existing providers we can recognise and promote the hard work already completed and encourage further development across the industry.”

The successful applicant will be awarded the contract based on the ability to deliver against the requirements outlined in the documents on the FIA website.  To bid for this tender please go here and download the relevant tender documents for full details.

The initial invitation to tender period will run until Friday 1st April (updated date).  Pending applications, there will then be an assessment and consultation period running from Monday 18th April to Friday 22nd April.

Should your company or any companies you are aware of have the ability to offer this solution, please forward these details onto them.

Here is to another small step in making our industry a safer place for all.