The Fire Industry Association (FIA), CEO, Ian Moore, was interviewed by IFSEC Global on the critical topic of ensuring fire standards keep up with innovation.

27 April 2023

Ian's interview with IFSEC Global focuses on the association's plans for the FIREX event, how it has represented the sector in recent years, and the association's priorities for 2023. 

During his interview, Ian discusses the challenges of keeping fire standards up to date with technological advances, emphasising the importance of collaboration among industry professionals, government bodies, and regulatory authorities. As well as this, Ian highlights the importance of ongoing education and training for both manufacturers and end users to ensure that new technologies are used safely and effectively. 

Additionally, Ian addresses how FIA has evolved and changed in recent years, as well as the association's plans for 2023, which include the brand-new centre of excellence in Northwich, twenty minutes from Manchester Airport. The centre will include a training facility showcasing the best of the UK's fire equipment. He also mentions “We are aware that we've been quite London-centric as an organisation, so having a northern base for our members across the country, as well as visitors to the UK, is extremely important to us”.  

The FIA is committed to promoting best practices and innovative solutions to improve fire safety for both individuals and properties. Additionally, as an association, we are committed to innovation while ensuring standards are maintained and improved within the fire safety sector. 

We encourage all industry professionals to read Ian's interview and join the Fire Industry Association to support our ongoing efforts to promote fire safety standards and fire industry innovation. If we all work together, we can make a difference and create a safer future for all. 

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