Numerous fire safety breaches found

11 February 2016

An inspection at the Avens Court Nursing Home in Surrey revealed dangerous fire safety practices at the premises, resulting in immediate safety work being carried out.
Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found blocked fire escapes and staff inadequately trained in safety procedures, prompting the emergency improvements. 
The report said: “The inspection was carried out over three days because on the first day we identified serious failings with regard to the health and safety of the premises.
“In particular, we had significant concerns about the way fire safety was being managed.
“For example, we found that fire escapes were blocked, not enough staff were trained in fire safety and actions from the fire risk assessments were outstanding.
“We therefore spoke with the local fire service and requested that they visit the service with us.
“The conclusion of the fire inspection was that there were multiple failings in the prevention, detection and evacuation systems at the service.
“As a result, emergency work had to be carried out that day in order to allow people to remain living in the service.”
However, the inspectors said that staff and most relatives were confident that the new manager, who took over last August, was including them in the decisions being made to improve the quality of care.
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