As the deadline looms for registration as a Building Inspector in England and Wales, an open letter from the HSE has sparked concerns. Discover the criteria and the extension period granted for competency assessments.

28 March 2024

The registration period for building control professionals has been extend - But only if you meet certain eligibility criteria.
Registered building inspectors carry out regulated building control activities, which are assessing plans, inspections and providing advice to building control bodies that carry out regulated functions.
After April 2024, if you intend to carry out any of these activities in England or Wales, you must be registered as a building inspector. After this date, if you are not registered it is a criminal offence to work as a building inspector.

In an open letter from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on March 24, 2024, addressed directly to Building Control professionals, it expresses that a number of concerns have been expressed by the building control profession about whether enough building control professionals will be registered as RBI’s by the 6th April 2024. 

As such a competency assessment extension period of 13 weeks from 6th April 2024 to the 6th July 2024 has been agreed for those meeting set criteria, to complete their assessment and upgrade their registration to Class 2 or 3 (and 4, if applicable).

The criteria detailed in the letter and also on the governments website.

Temporary Class 1 Registration Extension Criteria

  • They are an existing building control professional;
  • They are registered as a Class 1 RBI by 6 April 2024;
  • They are enrolled in, and in the process of having their competency assessed through, one of the BSR approved competency assessment schemes by 6 April 2024. These are:,,; and
  • A scheme provider has not told them that they have not passed their competency assessment for a second time.

During this period, the scope of registration will be temporarily extended, and you can continue to undertake building control work for the class of RBI for which you are undertaking a competency assessment.

Those who meet the criteria but do not successfully complete a competency assessment and upgrade their registration class by 6 July will not be able to continue to undertake regulated building control activities.

This must not be seen as an opportunity to delay - there will be no extension to these arrangements. From 6 July 2024 any professionals who have not completed a competency assessment and upgraded their registration class will only be able to undertake work under supervision.

The FIA stands ready to offer discreet assistance and guidance. Together we can work towards a safer, more resilient built environment for all.
For those interested in learning more about the FIA and its discreet initiatives, please visit FIA's website.

View the original letter here.

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