Man hit with £6052 bill

22 January 2016

A Derbyshire landlord has been slapped with fines totalling over £6000 after an inspection by Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service revealed a number of fire safety breaches.

Mr John Mark Cashin rented the property from its owner; he then went on to sub-let the property to four individual tenants without addressing the necessary fire safety improvements required by law for a house of multiple occupation. 

These were uncovered after concerns were raised to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, who subsequently inspected the premises.

They found:

  • An apparent lack of a fire risk assessment, inadequate fire detection and alarm system - with several smoke alarms being found in a kitchen drawer.
  • No provision for self-closing bedroom doors - the doors themselves being inadequate.
  • A lack of window escapes from the 1st floor. 
  • No provision of portable firefighting equipment.
  • The fire alarm system and emergency lighting had not been adequately tested or maintained. 

An Enforcement Notice requiring Mr Cashin to address the breaches was served in July 2014. However, he failed to comply with this notice triggering legal proceedings. 

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Group Manager Phil Mitchell said: “When people rent a bedsit, or rooms in a property with other tenants, they should expect to be able to safely leave the property in an emergency situation. To enable this suitable fire alarm system must be present along with access to an emergency exit that can be accessed and safely used. 

“Landlords should recognise that they have a legal - responsibility to ensure that any facilities they provide for their tenants have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment in place and that it is reviewed regularly.

“This case serves as a stark warning that the fire service will consider legal action against anyone found to be in breach of Fire Safety regulations and where they fail to comply with any statutory enforcement notices issued.”

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