Man died after chip pan fire at home

The senior coroner in Derbyshire has called for sprinkler systems to be fitted in all new homes, following the tragic death of local man Dan Spencer earlier this year after a blaze broke out at his home.

The Derby Telegraph reports that Dr Robert Hunter will be writing to Secretary of State for Communities Greg Clark to ask him to consider the proposals.

Dr Hunter said: "There is a movement for new-build houses to be fitted with water sprinklers. Currently there is no legal requirement to fit them. However, fire services throughout the country have done a lot of research on the effectiveness of the systems."

Dr Hunter asked Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service station manager Wayne Brooks, who investigated the fire: "If the property had been fitted with sprinkler systems, could it have put the fire out or could it have dampened it?"

Mr Brooks replied: "It would have to be a yes. Would it have saved his life? I can't say 100% but it would have suppressed the fire, especially coupled with a smoke alarm, it would have greatly increased his chances of escape. It also would have made it safer for people to go into the property to make rescue attempts."

Dr Hunter added: "It is a relatively inexpensive technique in a new house, costing about £2,000. I have the power to make a report to try to prevent this from happening in the future. I am going to write to the secretary of state for him to consider it.

"This is the second death from a house fire in a year and, in the last one, I also wrote to the secretary of state. If other people can have their lives saved, then it can make a difference to their families."

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