Two company directors have been sentenced to prison after breaking fire safety regulations, putting the lives of many residents at risk.

16 February 2024

In a shocking revelation, two company directors, Carmen Lupu and Daniel Orasanu, along with their company First Job Ltd, have been sentenced to prison for endangering the lives of residents through obvious breaches of fire safety regulations. This incident, uncovered by West Midlands Fire Service, highlights the grave consequences of neglecting fire safety protocols.

The violation occurred at Metro Court, a four-storey residential building situated in High Street, West Bromwich, primarily housing Romanian nationals. West Midlands Fire Service, during routine inspections, discovered egregious breaches of fire safety regulations. Despite a prohibition notice served by fire safety inspection officers, Lupu, Orasanu, and their company persisted in jeopardising the safety of approximately 80 residents.

Among the alarming findings were the absence of power to the building's fire alarm system, coupled with its malfunction, combustible materials present in the staircase, and multiple fire doors wedged or propped open. These critical failures warranted the issuance of a prohibition notice, prohibiting the use of the premises for residential purposes. However, subsequent visits revealed that residents continued to occupy the premises, prompting swift action from the fire service.

Ultimately, residents were evacuated following the issuance of a closure order in August 2017, indicating the severity of the situation. Despite facing legal repercussions, Lupu and Orasanu fled the country in June 2018, evading accountability for their actions.

Following a trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court, the directors were found guilty of nearly 30 breaches of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. In their absence, Orasanu, aged 48, was sentenced to 34 months in prison, while Lupu, aged 34, received a 33-month sentence. Additionally, they were ordered to pay prosecution costs amounting to £66,708.

This case serves as a reminder of the paramount importance of adhering to fire safety regulations. The actions of Lupu, Orasanu, and First Job Ltd not only endangered lives but also underscored the significant responsibility businesses hold in ensuring the safety of their premises and occupants.

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