19 January 2022

C. S. Todd & Associates Limited (CSTA) has been commissioned by the Home Office to produce new guides and update existing guidance documents as part of its programme to update guidance on The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – the Fire Safety Order (FSO).

The guidance, which is Tranche 3 of the programme, will be needed before commencing the FSO provisions in the Building Safety Bill (BSB).

New guides to be produced include: 

  • A brief explainer on fire doors that captures any regulatory changes
  • A summary of the sanctions available for breaches of the FSO
  • An implementation guide for the primary fire safety changes planned through the BSB 
  • A comprehensive overarching fire risk assessment guide
  • An overlap guide explaining the difference between a Responsible Person and an Accountable Person under the BSB.  

We will also rationalise and update all of the premises specific guides on GOV.UK as well as the Specialised Housing and Means of Escape for Disabled People guides.

Finally, we will update all the guides published in Tranche 2 to make sure they include the fire safety changes made through the BSB.

Colin Todd, Managing Director of CSTA said “We are delighted to be awarded this further contract by the Home Office. Our aim is to produce accessible guides which provide clear and detailed guidance for the Responsible Person, fire risk assessor or enforcing authority on how to discharge their duties”.

CSTA invite “high-level comment” (rather than granular detail) on the issues experienced with the existing guides, areas for improvement and any omissions in existing guidance. Please submit your comments via [email protected]