Pleads guilty to nine offences

19 September 2017

A Windermere businessman told a court he was "really sorry" for failing to install basic life-saving safety equipment at his barber's shop, as he was fined more than £10,000.

The Mail reports that Mr Mehmet Oncu, leaseholder of Oh My Cut in Windermere, appeared at Furness Magistrates' Court where he denied nine men had been living in the basement of his business, as concerns were raised over the safety of the building.

The Lancaster resident pleaded guilty to nine counts of failing to comply with the requirement of a prohibition notice.

Oncu admitted he failed to install fire extinguishers, alarms, detectors, and lighting which would protect his staff in the event of a fire.

The defendant played down claims made by inspectors from Cumbria County Council and the fire service, who believed a group of men had been living in the basement, despite the lack of basic safety equipment and inadequate lighting.

Oncu, who was not legally represented in court said: "The reason I'm here is because I'm the lease holder, I'm not a barber myself.

"I don't work there, but these guys have caused me trouble.

"I told them not to use the basement, but I didn't know.

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