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02 December 2016 by Will Lloyd, Technical Manager

The FIA has many different councils and groups for all the different parts of the fire industry.  If you service and maintain extinguishers, there’s a group and a council for that.  If you’re a fire risk assessor, again there’s a council for that.  And the same goes for chartered fire engineers – if you’re one of those, there is a council for that too.

The word ‘council’ might sound dull and unappealing, but it is better to think of any or all of our councils as groups of experienced professionals who work in the same field.  It’s a way of creating a community, a network, a strong base.  A way of being able to put forward ideas about ways to improve the industry and solve problems.

Of course, being part of these groups is a great way to get your voice heard, and your problems solved.  If you’re aware of a common issue within your job role or sector of the fire industry, joining a council is a great way to collaborate with others and think of new ways to tackle the problem – whether that is a need to get a research project off the ground, get a marketing or PR campaign going to raise awareness, or just pool everyone’s knowledge on a particular topic to create a fact file or guidance document that will ultimately benefit not just yourself, but the whole of the membership.

In this short video, Chairman Jon Pagan explains what the Fire Engineering Council does to better the industry, and how joining the council could make a huge impact on the construction world as we know it.

What does the Fire Engineering Council Do? | Video 2016


What does the Fire Engineering Council Do? | Video 2016

Chairman Jon Pagan explains what the council gets involved with


Remember, if you would like to get involved in a council, you need to become an FIA member first.  There are a number of membership criteria requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can join, but this just ensures that everyone attending the various working groups and councils is of the same professional high standard, meaning that only the best of the bunch can share their expertise. 

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