CQC report identifies numerous failings

26 January 2017

The Birdsgrove Nursing Home in Bracknell has closed following a CQC report which identified ‘serious concerns for residents’, including multiple fire safety failings.

Some of the fire safety issues identified by inspectors included broken emergency lights and dimly lit rooms, creating a potential risk to those with visual impairments or dementia.

The report also revealed the property was unclean with a build-up of dust, grease and grime found throughout.

The report states: “A number of fire safety issues were identified which led to a referral to the fire safety officer. These included a fire risk assessment which made no reference to how less able people or people using wheelchairs would be managed safely if the premises need to be fully evacuated.

“Emergency lights did not always work or were dimly lit resulting in poor levels of lighting and a potential risk to those people with visual impairment or dementia.

“Final fire exit doors with energised magnets installed did not release when the fire alarms were activated and staff were not aware of how to override this to operate the doors manually.

“In addition, staff were not clear on the actions expected of them in a fire emergency or who the fire marshals were.”

Rebecca Bauers, head of inspection for adult social care, said: "From the risks identified in all of our inspections we had no other choice but to take action to prevent Birdsgrove Nursing Home providing inadequate care.

"This service was failing the people using the service and was given an opportunity to improve."

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