Staff not trained and detection systems not maintained

27 March 2017

A Hastings pub has had its license revoked following a premises license review instigated by East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

Concerns raised by Sussex Police about The Tub pub on 22 August 2016 prompted a visit by East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

It was found that no fire risk assessment had been carried out at the premises, the automatic fire detection system and emergency lighting were not being maintained.

Other areas of concern included inadequate staff training, as well as a failure to maintain firefighting equipment.

An informal notice was served which required a fire risk assessment to be carried out, as well as a requirement to reinstate emergency lighting and a fully operational fire detection system.

However, following a performance inspection carried out alongside Sussex Police and Licensing on 23 December 2016 it was found that no fire risk assessment had been carried out, emergency lighting and fire detection had not been maintained, as previously required.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service submitted a Premises Licence review application on 19 January 2017.

A full fire safety audit was carried out, resulting in the serving of a Priority Enforcement Notice, relating to non-compliance with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Following a Licensing Hearing on 16 March 2017 Mr Robert Falconer, who was the premises license holder, had the premises licence revoked.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s Fire Safety Hub Manager, James Portnell, said: “East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is a responsible authority under the Licensing Act 2003 and therefore applied for a review of the premises license, following concerns over public safety.

“The safety of relevant persons in any premises is the primary concern of the fire and rescue service and the failure of the license holder to ensure that a suitable fire risk assessment had been completed put people at risk.

“A suitable fire risk assessment, which is a requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, would have identified the lack of adequate fire precautions within the premises.”

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East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service