04 October 2016

BAFE, the independent, third party certification registration organisation for the fire protection industry, have launched Version 7 (revised September 2016) of their BAFE SP203-1 (Fire Detection and Alarm Systems) Scheme document.  

This document highlights some highly important changes to the scheme, that will affect the types of certificate that companies receive. 

Stephen Adams, Chief Executive of BAFE, said:

“BAFE has been in discussion with certification bodies and registered companies regarding the issuing of certificates as part of compliance with the BAFE SP203-1 fire alarm scheme. Registered companies should familiarise themselves with the revised scheme document which has been sent to them by email and is available on the BAFE website.”

Companies involved in Fire Detection and Alarm systems that have been using the BAFE scheme, should note the following changes:

1.       The Certificate of Compliance for a new installation should always be issued by the BAFE registered company that carries out the commissioning, whether or not they also did the design and installation. This is the only certificate for which BAFE make a charge to the CB, but the individual CB charges to their client is not under our control.
2.       Where companies carry out work on certain modules only, there will need to be a Modular certificate.
3.       A Modification certificate is mandatory under the situations described in the scheme document Clause 5.3.1, which has been clarified following the discussions.
4.       Maintenance certificates (covered under clause 5.4):
We have created the opportunity to combine the BAFE/BS5839 certificate and require Mandatory issuing, with no charge from BAFE. The intention is to promote the value of maintenance through 3rdparty certificated companies.
Stephen Adams added: 

“It is our intention to develop electronic methods for issuing certificates and registered companies will be kept informed on the progress of this.”

All FIA members operating under SP203-1 are advised to download the new Scheme Document and also ensure that their document registers and indexes are updated as necessary to reflect the new publication.

 The new version can be found via the BAFE website; page 46 of the document details the changes and updates made.

Any questions or queries regarding the changes to the document or how this may impact certification should be directed to the FIA.  

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