11 March 2021

There is currently no consistent definition of what competency looks like outside of the industry for fire risk assessors, building managers, installers or maintainers of active or passive fire protection systems. This needs to change - stated Fire Protection Association.

FPI has outlined their first paper in the Know Your Building series, a comprehensive fire strategy and sound business continuity plan are needed in order for organisations to have a truly resilient approach to fire safety. However, another essential element is to ensure that those entrusted with managing fire safety, assessing fire risk and maintaining or installing equipment are competent to perform their roles. This concept of competency lies at the heart of any successful building fire protection strategy. It is a key link in the chain – without it, the chain is broken and safety may potentially be fatally compromised.

In this new mini paper FPI covers:

  • Key areas currently lacking in Building Regulations 
  • Applying competency in practice 
  • Third party certification 
  • The role of the fire risk assessment