Calling all Young People (YP’s)! Ian Moore, CEO at the FIA states that the FIA is constantly looking for ways to promote youth into our industry. This is an ideal opportunity that we will fully support you should you decide to apply.

06 April 2023

BSI has an exciting opportunity to nominate a YP to join CEN CENELEC’s Industry Advisory Forum (IAF). This is a fantastic opportunity for you to act as the voice for Young Professionals on the panel amongst other influential individuals in European standardization.

What is the IAF?

The Industry Advisory Forum (IAF) was designated by CEN and CENELEC

Members and Partners and its role is to act as a sounding board on strategic standardization priority topics for industry, and to advise and guide on the implementation of the CEN-CENELEC Strategy 2030 Goals. The IAF also act as a network of high-level Standardization Ambassadors.

When will the role commence?

The first IAF meeting is expected to commence on 16th May with a total of three meetings annually. The successful applicant will also have an opportunity to get involved in one or more working groups. Selected nominees will be contacted in due course to attend the next IAF meetings. You will be appointed as an IAF member for a 3-year term, with a possibility to be appointed for a second term of 3 years.

How can you apply?

To apply you will need to provide the following:

• A copy of your CV (removing all personal information)

• A letter of approval from your employer confirming they will support your role on the IAF

• Tell BSI in 250 words why you want to join the IAF and what you hope to achieve for YP’s

• Tell BSI in one sentence the top attribute you think you would bring to the panel

Please ensure you submit your application (a word document will be fine) through the link below by Sunday 16 April. Once your application has been received, BSI will then review your application and contact you to advise whether you have been successful.

Further on the IAF and specific roles and responsibilities can be found here.

And, if you have any further questions or wish to apply, please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]

Good luck - BSI look forward to receiving your application!