Protect yourself against scam emails and fraud.

12 January 2023

The FIA is aware of several scam emails being sent to members asking for payment of their annual membership fees. We would like to stress to all members that an invoice for membership fees will be annually issued on 1st April in line with our membership renewal period. In addition, any email from the FIA containing an invoice will be sent from an email address including the domain.

Preview of a current scam email:

Here is an example of a current scam email that has been sent out recently. If you receive an email claiming to be from the FIA and it does not include the correct email domain, please delete and block the sender.







How to protect yourself against scam emails:

  • Ensure your email accounts and web browsers have maximum security and keep your software updated.
  • Do not give out any personal information, or confirm that any personal information they have is correct
  • Make yourself familiar with how colleagues and suppliers communicate with you.

How to spot a scam email:

  • The sender’s email address does not match with the trusted organisation’s email domain.
  • The email does not use your name but uses a non-specific greeting like “dear customer”.
  • A sense of urgency; for example, the threat that unless you act immediately your account may be closed.
  • A request for personal information such as username, password, or bank details.
  • The email contains spelling and grammatical errors.

What should you do if you’ve received a scam email?

In the event of receiving a potential scam email follow the advice below.

  • Do not click on any links in the scam email.
  • If you have clicked on a link in the email, do not supply any information on the website that may open.
  • Do not reply to the email or contact the senders.
  • Do not open any attachments that arrive with the email.
  • Do not pay any money if you are unsure whether the email is a scam.

If you have any further queries regarding this, please do not hesistate to contact us. To contact us please email at [email protected] or [email protected]