Fire Industry Association (FIA) CPD-certified training by Detectortesters has attracted a worldwide audience.

A long-time FIA member, Detectortesters based just North of London, are the name behind the Solo and Testifire products used to carry out functional testing of smoke, heat, and CO detectors. Their detector test equipment is used all around the globe, from commercial premises to freighters on the sea.  Their products are available in more than 130+ countries and counting. 

Obviously, to have such a global reach is a wonderful achievement for most companies but it is not without challenges. Just take product training, how do you take it global? 

This is where the FIA CPD Certification Centre comes in.  Launched in 2020 the FIA offers an exclusive member benefit service that certifies CPD training for its members at no additional cost. Detectortesters was one of the first to take advantage of this service, securing FIA CPD certification for all their webinar-based training. With the FIA's stamp of approval, Detectortesters' training webinars have become even more valuable and accessible to fire engineers worldwide, with attendees from over 80 different countries.  

In the past, Detectortesters offered product training to around two hundred fire engineers a year, often this was in-house with a UK-based audience. Whilst this met the need for training UK customers, it left thousands of customers around the world without easy access to training. Detectortesters wanted to ensure that fire engineers in other countries had a way to keep their product knowledge current and relevant. Detectortesters felt the training webinars with the FIA CPD certification made an enormous difference. 

Oliver Doerle, Head of Product Management at Detectortestors, stated “To be honest, the FIA CPD Certification Service was an easy decision for us. The FIA brand is so strong around the world, it really appealed to our global customer base. Over the last two years, we have welcomed customers from as far as Algeria and Zambia to our online seminar sessions.  Since offering online training, we have welcomed over 1500 attendees from eighty-plus countries to our sessions.” 

The FIA CPD Certification Centre is all about raising the bar in the fire industry. Being the largest fire-related trade association in Europe means that the FIA has a wealth of technical expertise across the breadth of the fire industry. This enables them to assess the technical content of CPD sessions and give it a stamp of approval or assist with bringing it up to standard.  

During the last two years, Paul Gatens, training expert and course leader at Detectortesters, has become a familiar face on Zoom and Teams for many fire engineers around the globe. According to Paul: “Working with the FIA team has been hugely rewarding. Having our training materials reviewed by the FIA’s industry-leading technical experts has been a real benefit – without a doubt, it made our product training better. We are now reaching more people than ever before, and it has been great to work closely with our customers worldwide and hear of their experiences.” 

For more information on how the FIA CPD Certification Centre can help you email here.