BS 5839-1 Fundamentals in FD&A Unit 2 (2 days)

Fundamentals in FD&A Unit 2

The Unit 2 course for fundamentals in fire detection & alarm (FD&A) systems is the final unit of the Fundamentals BS 5839-1 course, and is designed to cover the final four sections of BS 5839-1, plus the annexes. The format of the Unit 2 course will follow that of the Unit 1 course.

*Please note that to book Unit 2 you will require the unique learner number (ULN) that will have been emailed to you after you booked Unit 1.

This video will help you prepare for the FD&A Qualifications Exam at the end of Unit 2


Unit 2 is a two-day course covering sections 4 to 7 of BS 5839-1, plus the annexes. Sections 4 to 7 relate to the installation requirements of FD&A systems, the commissioning and handover process, the maintenance requirements and the user recommendations in relation to FD&A systems.

As per Unit 1, a copy of the course book will be provided, either as a hard copy if the course takes place in the classroom, or digitally if undertaking the course online. As per Unit 1, those attending online will also have the opportunity to receive a hard copy of the course book.

At the end of the Unit 2 course, delegates will take an examination to test their knowledge. During the exam, delegates are allowed access to a copy of BS 5839-1:2017. No other reference material will be allowed; delegates should only use BS 5839-1:2017.

For courses that take place within the classroom environment, a copy of BS 5839-1: 2017 will be provided for their use; this copy must be returned upon completion of the exam and must not leave the room.

For courses taking place on-line, delegates will need to have access to a copy of BS 5839-1: 2017. This copy can either be a hard copy or a digital pdf copy.

For any courses held online, the examination will also be online. For details about the online examination process, please visit, FIA online examinations for its industry-leading qualifications.

Delegates taking the course in the classroom, will be provided with a tablet to access the exam.


Before attending the Unit 2 course, delegates will need to have completed Unit 1.

Upon completion of the exam, delegates will get an instant result, and a  FIA certificate will follow in due course in the post.

Once the qualification in the Fundamentals of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems has been achieved, delegates will be eligible to take the  qualification for Fire Detection & Fire Alarm systems in domestic buildings. The details for this course can be accessed at BS 5839-6 Fundamentals in FD&A (1 Day) (

In addition to being eligible for the BS 5839-1 course, delegates that have passed the fundamentals course will have the option to move onto the advanced qualifications for Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Advanced design.

Normally, in order to access the advanced courses, delegates first have to sit & pass the two-day Foundation course. However, in recognition of the knowledge learnt during the fundamentals course, delegates only need to complete a one-day Fundamentals to Advanced conversion course to study certain sections of the syllabus that are required ready in the advanced courses. Further information on this course can be accessed at Fundamentals to Advanced Course (1 Day).

Yes, this training has 13 Hours CPD

  • Members - £300+VAT
  • Non-members - £480+VAT